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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the delivery process work?
For detailed information on delivery, please refer to the
delivery information page.

Which products are available in stock immediately?
The majority of our products are available from stock. If a product is made to order, it will always be marked as "PRE-ORDER" in the product name, and processing time will be indicated in the description.

I always miss out on new products. What can I do?
You can subscribe to our
newsletter for updates on stock or specific product categories. It's worth following my social media platforms.

I liked a product, but it's out of stock. Can I still order it?
Some previously made but sold-out items can be reordered. You can place an order by sending a photo  Please note that for hand-painted items, there may be slight color variations, as the same exact color cannot be reproduced. Subscribing to the
newsletter ensures timely updates on restocking.

What is the delivery time for custom orders?
The delivery time depends on the type and color of the selected product, as well as the order quantity, and it may vary. The delivery time is always specified individually based on these factors.

I want a beautiful set with matching colors, and I need assistance. Is that possible?
You can choose beautiful, matching sets from the available products in the online store.
Video guides are also available, but I'm happy to help you personally in assembling a set. Feel free to contact me through the provided contact information.

Is the wool soft enough?
I pay special attention to the quality of wool materials from the procurement stage. I always work with the softest materials to ensure they embrace the baby's skin gently without causing irritation. The warmth of wool lulls the little ones to sleep. Most wool products may have some shedding, which is a natural characteristic of wool.

How should I wash wool?
Upon purchase, a detailed guide on washing and care is provided, covering all relevant information. The care instructions can also be found in the order confirmation email.