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Consumer Information

Consumer Information

1.     Service Provider We would like to inform you that this website is operated by Rigó Judit Erzsébet, sole proprietor.

Registration Number: 35207779 (Official Document Supervision Department, Ministry of the Interior)
Tax ID: 66464581-2-33
Registered Address: 2085 Pilisvörösvár, Klapka u. 90., Hungary
Business Location: 2085 Pilisvörösvár, Klapka u. 90., Hungary
Phone: +36 20 585 7056
(hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider").

This website:
is accessible through the internet, including its web pages and subpages.

2.     Non-conforming Performance The business performs inadequately if the service or product does not meet the quality requirements specified in the contract or legal regulations at the time of performance. The business does not perform inadequately if you were aware of the defect at the time of concluding the contract or should have been aware of it.

It is presumed that any defect recognized by you within six months of performance already existed at the time of performance, unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the item or the nature of the defect. In practice, this means that in the case of a defect recognized within six months, the burden of proof is on the business.

3.     Warranty In the event of a defective performance by the Service Provider, you can enforce warranty claims against the business under the Civil Code.

You can choose from the following warranty claims:

·        Request repair or replacement unless the chosen claim is impossible or would entail disproportionate costs compared to another remedy. If you did not or could not request repair or replacement, you can request a proportionate reduction in the fee or repair the defect yourself or have it repaired by someone else, or, in the last resort, withdraw from the contract.

·        You can switch to another warranty right chosen by you, but you bear the cost of the switch unless it was justified or prompted by the business.

·        You must report the defect immediately, but no later than within two months of discovering the defect. However, please note that after the expiration of the two-year limitation period from the completion of the contract, you can no longer enforce warranty rights. In the case of used items, this period is one year.

·        Within the first six months from the date of performance, there are no additional conditions for asserting warranty claims beyond notifying the defect. However, after six months from the completion of the contract, you must prove that the defect you recognized was already present at the time of performance, and the burden of proof shifts to you.

. Product Warranty

In the case of a defective movable item (product), you may, at your discretion, enforce your rights as defined in point 3 or exercise a product warranty claim.

As a product warranty claim, you can only request the repair or replacement of the defective product. The product is considered defective if it does not meet the quality requirements in force at the time of placement on the market or if it lacks the characteristics specified in the description provided by the manufacturer.

You can assert your product warranty claim within two years from the commencement of the product's circulation. After this period, you lose this entitlement. Your product warranty claim can only be exercised against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable item. In asserting a product warranty claim, you are required to prove the defect of the product.

The manufacturer (distributor) is only released from product warranty obligations if they can prove that:

·        The product was not manufactured or placed on the market as part of their business activities.

·        The defect was not recognizable according to the state of science and technology at the time of placing on the market.

·        The product's defect results from the application of legislation or mandatory official regulations.

The manufacturer (distributor) is only required to prove one reason for their release. Please note that for the same defect, both warranty claims and product warranty claims cannot be asserted simultaneously. However, if your product warranty claim is successfully asserted, you can still enforce your warranty claim against the manufacturer for the replaced product or repaired part.

5. Warranty

The Service Provider does not distribute durable consumer goods covered by mandatory warranty regulations, and voluntarily refrains from providing a warranty for the products available on the website.

6. Right of Withdrawal

In the case of product orders, you are entitled to withdraw from the contract without providing any justification within 14 days.

The withdrawal period: a) In the case of a contract for the sale of a product: expires 14 days after the day on which you or a third party other than the carrier, indicated by you, takes possession of the product; b) In the case of services involving multiple products: expires 14 days after the day on which you or a third party other than the carrier, indicated by you, takes possession of the last product; c) In the case of a product consisting of multiple items or pieces: expires on the day when you or a third party other than the carrier, indicated by you, takes possession of the last item or piece; d) Additionally, in cases a), b), and c), the User may exercise the right of withdrawal during the period between the conclusion of the contract and the receipt of the product.

You can declare your withdrawal in any way, whether verbally or in writing. If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must send or announce your clear statement of withdrawal to one of the following contacts:

Recipient: Rigó Judit Erzsébet ev. Postal address: Hungary, 2085 Pilisvörösvár, Klapka u. 90. Email: Phone: +36 20 585 7056

For this purpose, you can use the withdrawal statement template available for download at the following link: ► Withdrawal Statement Template

Or you can copy its content from here:

Withdrawal Statement Template (Complete and return only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

Recipient: Rigó Judit Erzsébet ev. Postal address: Hungary, 2085 Pilisvörösvár, Klapka u. 90. Email:

I, the undersigned ........................................................ declare that I am exercising my right of withdrawal with regard to the contract for the sale of the following product/s:

Date of contract conclusion / receipt: Consumer's name: Consumer's address: Consumer's signature (only in the case of a statement made on paper):


You exercise your right of withdrawal within the deadline if you send your written withdrawal statement before the expiration of the specified deadline or announce it verbally on the last day of the deadline. You are required to prove that you have exercised your right of withdrawal in a manner and within the deadline as described here.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal is not precluded by the opening of the packaging and the determination of the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the product.

Effects of Withdrawal: If you withdraw from this contract, we will reimburse you for all payments received from you without undue delay and, in any event, no later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the goods back or you have supplied evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest.

You must send back the goods or hand them over to us without undue delay and, in any event, no later than 14 days from the day on which you communicate your withdrawal from this contract to us. The deadline is met if you send back the goods before the period of 14 days has expired. You will bear the direct cost of returning the goods. You are only liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods.

Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal: Pursuant to Government Decree 45/2014 (II. 26.), the consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal:

·        For non-premanufactured products made based on the consumer's instructions or explicit request, or for products clearly tailored to the consumer's personal needs.

·        For sealed products that are not suitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons and were opened after delivery.

·        Complaints and Dispute Resolution

·        In the following, the provisions of the general terms and conditions related to complaint procedures and dispute resolution options are outlined.

·        7.1. User Complaints: If the User has complaints regarding the behavior, actions, or omissions directly related to the sale and distribution of goods to consumers, the quality of the goods, or any other matter related to the services provided by the Service Provider, they can address their complaints via mail, phone, or email to the following contact:

·        Recipient: Rigó Judit Erzsébet ev. Address: Hungary, 2085 Pilisvörösvár, Klapka u. 90. Phone number: +36 20 585 7056 Email address:

·        The Service Provider shall promptly examine verbal complaints, rectify them immediately if possible, or respond in writing within thirty days if resolution is not immediate or if there is a disagreement with the User's complaint submitted in writing.

·        7.2. Possibility of Resorting to a Conciliation Body: The User (consumer) can request the free conciliation procedure of a conciliation body regarding the quality and safety of the product, the application of product liability rules, the quality of the service, as well as the conclusion and performance of contracts between the parties.

·        If the Consumer has a place of residence or domicile in Hungary, the conciliation body operating at the county (capital) chambers of commerce and industry in the county (capital) of their residence or domicile is competent. The contact details of conciliation bodies can be found on the website

·        The Consumer may specify a different conciliation body in their request.

·        Conciliation Body Competent for the Seat of the Service Provider: Arbitration Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pest County and Érd

·        Address: 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61. 2nd floor 240. Phone: +36 1 269 0703 Fax: +36 1 784 3076 Email: Website:

·        In the absence of the Consumer's residence or domicile in Hungary: In Hungary, the Budapest Conciliation Board, operating at the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is entitled to act in cross-border consumer and trader disputes arising from online sales or service contracts. The contact details of the Budapest Conciliation Board can be found at, and are also as follows:

·        Budapest Conciliation Board Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. 3rd floor 310. Phone: +36 1 488 2186 Fax: +36 1 488 2186 Email: Website:

·        The Service Provider is obliged to cooperate in the conciliation procedure.

·        The conciliation body is an independent body operating alongside the county (capital) chambers of commerce and industry. Its competence includes the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes related to the topics mentioned above, ensuring the simple, fast, efficient, and cost-effective enforcement of consumer rights.

·        The conciliation body, upon the Consumer's or the business's request, provides advice on the rights and obligations of the consumer.

·        7.3. European Online Dispute Resolution Platform: If the User resides in the European Union, they can use the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform for complaints related to products or services purchased online. The platform is available at:

·        This online platform was created by the EU for consumers who wish to file complaints about products or services purchased online and want to request a neutral third party (conciliation body) to handle the complaint.

·        Additional information about the online dispute resolution platform, its use, and the dispute resolution process can be found on the website accessible through the provided link.

·        7.4. Consumer Protection Authorities: If the User has complaints about the quality of the goods, the behavior of the Service Provider (or its members or employees), or a person acting on behalf of or in the interest of the Service Provider, they can contact the consumer protection authority in their county of residence in Hungary. The contact details of territorial competent district offices can be found on the website

·        The User can also address their complaint to the consumer protection authority at the seat of the Service Provider:

·        Pest County Government Office, Érd District Office, Transport and Consumer Protection Department, Consumer Protection Division

·        Address: 1141 Budapest, Komócsy u. 17-19. Mailing address: 1141 Budapest, Komócsy u. 17-19. Phone: +36 1 460 2201 Fax: +36 1 460 2281 Email: Website:

·        Az űrlap teteje

·        7.5. Supervision Related to Data Processing: User's rights concerning data protection can be enforced in court based on the Civil Code (Act V of 2013) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Additionally, the User can turn to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information:

·        National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c. Mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5. Phone: +36 1 391 1400 Fax: +36 1 391 1410 Email: Website:

·        If the User chooses the judicial path, the lawsuit can be initiated before the court having jurisdiction over the place of residence or stay of the User, as the adjudication of the case falls within the competence of the court.

·        Date: February 7, 2024.

·        Rigó Judit Erzsébet ev.