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RedCastle handmade knitting fashion


Each piece of the RedCastle collection is hand-knitted, unique and high quality. They are made from carefully selected, extremely soft, anti-allergenic, 100 % natural wool materials. The scarves, therefore, provide a comfortable fit around your neck, where our skin is super sensitive. The scarves  do not irritate your skin. The softness of RedCastle`s products is outstanding and also protect you against the greatest cold. So my scarves do not only keep your neck warm it is also a finishing piece to your outfit. It will be your perfect accessory for any occasion. The scarves and hats are made in matching fashionable colours, they are harmonious to each other, thus you can easily mix-and-match them. These fabulous accessories can change the whole look of your winter outfit. As winter starts we all look for cosy scarves and hats to wear. If the scarf and hat are knitted in the perfect way it can add so much more charm to your personality. You should definitely give them a try!

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